Secret Impressionists

Secret Impressionists tells the story of the art revolution at the core of the Impressionist movement, through an exploration of fifty legendary paintings - hidden treasures previously inaccessible to the general public, now on display in Rome for the very first time.

January 2021 Maverick Modigliani

Marking the centenary of the death of Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), this special cinema event will delve into the story of a remarkable talent that surpassed legend and stereotypes.

February 2021 Boticelli, Florence and the Medici

Beauty, creativity, genius: the Renaissance Florence of Lorenzo de' Medici was a powerhouse of art and culture. Among countless shops and government buildings, there was endless beauty coexisting with the dark side of the city, made up of power struggles, plots, intrigues and brutal violence.

March 2021: Raphael The Young Prodigy

Raphael, (1483-1520), was able to portray an ideal of celestial beauty. Thanks to contributions from internationally renowned experts, this documentary film will enable us to discover the most significant cities and places in the life and times of one of the Renaissance master.

April 2021:  Pompeii: Sin City Featuring Isabella Rossellini

This documentary explores Pompeii, that city cloaked in mystery which, over the course of history, has influenced culture and art, from Neoclassicism to Contemporary Art, through images and words by the great artists and writers who experienced, visited and imagined it: from Pliny the Younger to Picasso, from Emily Dickinson to Jean Cocteau.

May 2021: Munch: Love Phantoms and Lady-Vampires

The debt contemporary culture has towards Munch is impressive, from Andy Wharhol to Ingmar Bergman, from Marina Abramovich to Jasper Johns.