If the film is from our current programme:
$9 adults/$6 children per head with a minimum charge of $175
For example:
4 x adults = $36 plus 8 x children = $48, total: $84 – you pay $175 (min. charge applies)
20 x adults = $180 plus 8 x children = $48, total: $228 – you pay $228

If the film is not from our current programme:
$175 hire charge plus distributor screening fee.
Depending on the film this can vary between $130 and $300
If the group provide their own film and provide the screening rights and fees:
Straight hire charge of $175

Contact the cinema to find a plan and date that works for you.

Please note: No fundraisers or private screenings during school holidays.

Only one fundraiser per community group per year.

Please note we do not have a liquor licence.