Psychological thriller Reunion pairs Kiwi actor Emma Draper (Girl vs. Boy) with Brit Julia Ormond (Ladies in Black). Draper plays the heavily pregnant Ellie, who finds herself sharing a house with her estranged mother (Ormond). But in returning to the place where she grew up, Ellie finds the past flooding back; sometimes in terrifying ways. Reunion was written and directed by New Zealand-based American Jake Mahaffy. Mahaffy's faith healing drama Free in Deed won a Best Film Award at the 2015 Venice Film Festival. Ormond won an Emmy for HBO biopic Temple Grandin in 2010.  

Director: Jake Mahaffy ('Free in Deed')

Writer: Jake Mahaffy

Cast: Emma Draper, Julia Ormond, Cohen Holloway, John Bach, Gina Laverty

2020, Rating: M, Violence & content that may disturb, 95 mins

New Zealand
Drama, Thriller