Romantic Road

"Rupert and Jan are an English couple in their late 60s living in the south of England. They still receive their milk from a milkman every day, their rural cottage is alive with chickens, sheep and cats, and their family car is a hand-me-down 1936 Rolls Royce. After being invited to a human rights conference in India, they decide to turn the trip into an epic adventure. Shipping their beloved Rolls Royce across to the sub-continent, they embark upon an ambitious 5000-mile, six-month journey from Mumbai to Dhakar battling local officials, dodging tribal conflicts and dining with maharajahs." (British Film Festival)

Director: Oliver McGarvey (feature debut)

Cast: Rupert Grey, Jan GreyMark Sealy, Ankur Vikal

2017 Rating: PG, Coarse language & drug references

81 mins, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Nepal, UK
Documentary, Festival & Independent