Tuesday 3 March 5:00pm FREE ENTRY

A programme of short films to celebrate the oceans as part of SEAWEEK NEW ZEALAND.

Also a Q & A with film maker Robin Kewell who made the two main films and has filmed/dived in some of the World's most remote spots bringing you some stories from behind the lens.

'The Shark Feeders' A film that shows these magnificent creatures in a different light to their reputation of being blood thirsty killers and follows someone who embarks on the shark feeders course at ENEXSO Underwater Explorers Society. (25 mins)

'Aotearoa -Land of Ice and Fire' One of a series for Discovery Channel showing the diverse marine life and underwater environments of New Zealand waters. Featuring the Poor Knights in the north, the wreck of the Rainbow Warrior, White Island and Fiordland. (25mins)

'Aint No Fish' Award winning animation. (5 mins)


'Surface' A different view of the world from underwater cameraman Ben Thouard. (5 mins)