The Gardening of Eden

This special film event, showing November 22nd 4pm (Sunday) will be presented by the film-maker Robin Kewell, now living in West Auckland.  He moved from his home in Cornwall UK with his family in 2008 and runs FLICKS, a community cinema at Lopdell Theatre in Titirangi.

He was privileged to have worked on the Eden Project in Cornwall and filmed there for over 7 years, from when it was just an idea conjured up in the back room of a pub, through to when the project opened to the public in 2001. Robin continued to film for another 4 years. In all over 3,500 hours of footage was filmed and has been edited down to a series of 4 one hour films called 'Eden the Complete Inside Story' a shortened version has been shown at the Capitol Cinema, FLICKS@LOPDELL, Warkworth Town Hall, Waikato University, Massey University and various schools in and around Auckland to full houses.

When this four part film was finished people said they would be interested in knowing more about the plants, wanting to know where the Eden project got enough plants and trees to fill the biggest greenhouses in the World. They wanted to know where they sourced the plants and how they grew them to create what has become known as 'The 8th Wonder of the World' So Robin set about making a film called 'The Gardening of Eden' and that is what will be showing on Sunday 22nd November @ 4pm on Waiheke.


Why show the film in New Zealand ? well, the Regenerate Christchurch Group are very interested in an 'Eden Project' for the red zoned area and Robin believes that Christchurch would benefit enormously from such a project. The project in Cornwall transformed the economy of what was regarded as one of the poorest areas of Europe, with high unemployment, mining, farming a fishing all struggling and tourism was the main industry. The project not only injected billions of dollars into the area but also gave people 'hope' Robin is planning to show the Inside Story films in Christchurch later this year.


'The Gardening of Eden'  is just under 2 hours long and Robin will be doing the Q & A afterwards. The film features a visit from the BBC’s favourite TV gardener, Alan Titchmarsh and founder Tim Smit is your guide to this award winning feature documentary.