The Pinkies are Back

The Pinkies are Back is a heart-warming and hilarious feature film, following a group of extraordinary women on their journey to rebuild a dragon-boating team despite some having never held a paddle before. The bond, love, and laughs between these charismatic larger-than-life Kiwi women is a must-see on cinema screens.

With: Annemarie Stevens, Annabelle Waetford, Caroline Crann,  Andrea Partington, Liz Horne, Liz Butcher, Christine Johnson, Sooupu Perese, Glenda Tan, Kylie Hodgson, Yvonne Godfrey

Director, Producer: Lisa Burd

Release Date: 18 March 2021
Classification: PG Offensive language
Running Time: 95
Countries of Origin: New Zealand
Original Languages: English

The Little Cinema

Fri 7 May 4:30pm