The Mother of a Nation


The story of Dame Whina Cooper, the beloved Māori matriarch who worked tirelessly to improve the rights of her people, especially women. Flawed yet resilient, Whina tells the story of a woman formed by tradition, compelled by innovation, and guided by an instinct for equality and justice whose legacy as the Te Whaea o te Motu (Mother of the Nation) was an inspiration to an entire country.

Tue 28th June 11:00am

Fri 1st July 8:00pm

Sat 2nd July 5:00pm

Wed 6th July 1:00pm


  James Napier Robertson

  Paula Whetu Jones



Matthew Metcalfe

Tainui Stephens



  Rena Owen

  James Rolleston

  Miriama McDowell

  Vinnie Bennett

  Tioreore Ngatai-     


NZ Release Date 23 June 2022

Classification PG Violence

Running Time 112m

Country of Origin New Zealand

Original Languages English Maori

Genre Biography Drama